Design Your Own Wedding PackageIt’s Your Big Day

Want a custom wedding ceremony? Design the Florida Beach Wedding that represents your style and fits your budget! With Tide the Knot Beach Weddings' custom design tool, you can create the simplest to the most elaborate beach wedding. Use this tool as often as you like, as it's ideal in the upfront planning process as well as during the stage of final selections. Continue to Design Your Own Ceremony or hop over to our Popular Wedding Packages to choose from our tried and proven selection of awesome wedding packages.

Caution : Approaching Decision Intersection!

Design Your Own Ceremony vs. Pick a Popular Package 
  • First step- select Design Your Own or Pick a Popular Package (buttons below). If unsure, try each one on for size!
  • Pick as much or as little as you like today. You can add more options prior to your wedding.
  • Use the info/camera buttons in the upper right corner of each tile to see photos/descriptions.
  • Most Popular Packages include decor, officiant, photographer, online photo gallery and flowers-designed to be all-inclusive. You can add options to the Popular Packages, but we don't allow substitutions or reductions in price for unused decor.
  • Starting point for Design Your Own is choosing your Ceremony Style-4 options: Ocean View, 2 post bamboo arbor, 4 post bamboo arbor or 4 post modern chocolate arbor. All 4 styles include officiant, photographer for an hour, online photo gallery and ceremony coordination. You then build upon the foundation with a plethora of options.
  • Regardless of which path you take, you'll be able to add options and customize your wedding up till 60 days before your event, via a Wedding Checklist. Includes-adding chairs, flowers, music, tables, signs and more.
  • Pick A Popular Package means less decisions for you, Design Your Own gives you more control of the custom design process. You have arrived at the Decision Intersection.

Fresh Petal Aisle

Rose Petal Toss
Rose Petal Toss$100
1-25 Guests$100
26-50 Guests$200
51-75 Guests$300
Fresh Rose Petals
Fresh Rose Petals$225
1-25 Seats$225
26-50 Seats$275
51-75 Seats$325
Orchid Petals
Orchid Petals$300
1-25 Seats$300
26-50 Seats$350
51-75 Seats$400

Mini Celebrations on the Beach

Tin of Iced Waters
Tin of Iced Waters$75
Less than 25 Waters$75
26-50 Waters$125
Boozie Pops
Boozie Pops$250

Photography Services

Extended Beach Time
Extended Beach Time$250
1/2 HR$250
Minimum Deposit