Holiday Fees

On a holiday break? Bet you’re coming to Florida – along with many others! During holidays, our beaches are full of tourists, so we suggest avoiding holiday times to have the best wedding experience. We close our studio for several holidays every year, but there are a few holidays we make exception to, and for those there is a $300 holiday fee assessed.

Some holiday weekends you’ll find many beaches won’t issue wedding permits to help control crowds. That’s why you’ll see us closed Memorial Day weekend, July 4th and Labor Day weekend. We also take a long weekend during Thanksgiving and most of the Christmas & New Years Break.

Holiday fees are likely around Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, some dates approaching Christmas, etc . Why fees on these dates? Our team members celebrate holidays just like you, and they have their own plans, so it costs us extra to pull staff from their family.

Oh, and we are closed on Sundays, as we host weddings Mon-Sat, year round. Sunday Funday!

Check with us first before booking to see what dates we are open/closed and which ones have holiday fees.