Why choose Tide the Knot Beach Weddings?

Perfectionists. Attentive to detail. Eclectic, upscale designs. Driven to exceed your expectations. Fun and personable staff. Wish for it, we'll customize it. Stunning photography. Glowing testimonials from our clients. Round the clock responsiveness. Cool company name.

In case we're still on the fence, how can we learn more about your reputation, designs and services?

  • Feeling like you need to stalk us before booking with us? Totally encourage it. Check out our Facebook page. Then there's Pinterest. Oh and we're getting the hang of Instagram, too. Best of all, we're proud of our 5 star client reviews:  740+ happy couples on Wedding Wire , 495+ on Facebook, and another 110+ reviews on Google. When in doubt, call or visit us.

Where is Tide the Knot Beach Weddings HQ located?

Our Design Studio is  located in St. Pete, Florida at 6526 Central Avenue. Close to the beaches and vibrant downtown, and less than 30 minutes from the Tampa airport. We love visitors!

What types of events do you host?

Weddings, vow renewals & commitment ceremonies. And for those of you afraid to ask, you betcha, of course we do same sex weddings! Check out the pages on our site dedicated to Florida Gay Beach Weddings and Florida Beach Vow Renewals.

What Florida beaches can we get married on?

We do Florida Beach Weddings along the Gulf Coast of Florida, which is the west coast, along the Tampa Bay region. We do beach weddings on Clearwater Beach, St Pete Beach, Treasure Island, Sunset Beach, Pass-A-Grille, and the beaches of Sarasota-Anna Maria Island, Lido Beach and Siesta Key. We are very happy to consider other beaches and even other venues of your choice-such as in a downtown St Pete park or your own private estate.

 When is the best time to have a Florida Beach Wedding?

Florida is the sunshine state so every day is a perfect wedding day. Well, except the weekends and holidays-it's a sea of tourists then! Friday and Saturday sunset ceremonies are the first to fill up, often a year in advance. To avoid the crowds and hottest temperatures, consider mornings & evenings during the week and the cooler months of the year. While it may be cold in other states November-February, Florida is typically boasting warmer weather, making these ideal weddings months.

How soon should we reserve our Florida Beach Wedding date?

As soon as you are engaged! We can reserve your date a year or more in advance. If your plan is to Elope to Florida, call us and we can squeeze you into our calendar, even if only 3 days away!

 How do we reserve our Florida Beach Wedding or Vow Renewal?

You can visit our Ceremony Design page to make your initial choices and submit your deposit.  If you'd prefer a more personal experience, we'd be happy to assist with your reservation via phone or in our Design Studio.

How do we pay for services?

At the time of reservation, a non-refundable deposit is required and final balance is due 30 days prior to your event. We accept credit cards, checks and cash. A $50 per day late fee will be assessed for each day final payment is late. Periodic payments are not required, however, feel free to make payments at your convenience on our Make A Payment page or via phone.

Who picks the location for our beach wedding?

The location is your choice, though we will certainly recommend our favorites, like Pass-A-Grille Beach in St Pete and Sunset Beach in Treasure Island. We go to most beaches, County/ State Parks, some hotels  (with hotel approval), condos and beach houses along the west coast of Florida.

Can we get married at the location where we are staying?

Depends! As long as you obtain permission from the hotel/condo or rental home owner. Be advised additional fees may apply for use of their property. For a more romantic experience, we suggest a more secluded section of the beach away from the hotels and photo bombers.

Will there be other people on the beach?

Absolutely! If you are concerned about crowds, the winter months of November-February would provide you with not only less people but also incredible weather. We recommend beaches like Pass-A-Grille Beach and Sunset Beach, two of our favorites for seclusion.  Rest assured, in all of the weddings that we have done we haven’t had any interference with beach goers.

Is there a permit required to get married on the beach?

Only a few of our gorgeous beaches are free, though those requiring permits range from $75-$385 in fees, with an average of $250. Small price for a sliver in paradise. We'll get the permit for you and you pay the tab.

Who performs the ceremony?

We have a professional team of female & male officiants, all with the credentials to legalize your union. We promote equality and can NOT honor requests specifically for male officiants, so if this is a deal breaker for you, then you can remove our officiant from your wedding package at the time of booking and hire your own male officiant. Want a Spanish or German speaking Officiant? Consider it done! Upon request, we can secure a specialized officiant for an incremental fee of $175, includes phone and/or email consultation with officiant for customization.

What does the ceremony consist of?

Casual, non-religious, yet thoughtful and romantic exchange of your chosen wedding & ring vows. Also includes two optional and complimentary ceremonial rituals-our Sand Ceremony and Blessing Stones. The Sand Ceremony allows couples to scoop sand from the beach and pour it into a glass keepsake, symbolizing your union. A sand ceremony table can be added for a more formal ritual, without all the sand on your hands. The Blessing Stones are shared with the couple and guests, all toss the stones in the water after pronouncement as a gesture of good wishes.

Can we include children, friends or family in our ceremony?

The more the merrier. A guest can read a poem, prayer or even sing. Kids can join you for the sand ceremony. Family promises can be read & gifts exchanged during blending of families. Tell us your special requests in advance so we can coordinate it with the officiant for a smooth ceremony.

Can we bring our own Officiant?

Of course! The fine print: Your officiant is responsible for writing your ceremony and signing your license. Upon your request to remove our officiant, with minimum 90 days noticewe'll provide a $75 credit for removal of our officiant, which also includes removal of our rituals-Sand Ceremony and Blessing Stones. Should you still wish to utilize these rituals with your own officiant and/or less than 90 days notice is given, discounts are not available. Our expert advice - keep our officiant for the smoothest experience!

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on the base package price for an active military duty member, with proper ID at time of reservation. Requests to remove our staff officiant and/or photographer with minimum 90 days notice are eligible for discounts. Occasionally we are inspired to offer reservation incentives for December-February weddings, or random offers on Facebook & Instagram, so keep an eye open and it just may be your lucky day! Discount offers not combinable.

Who takes the photos and when do we get them?

All of our Florida Beach Wedding packages include photos taken by our team of professional photographers, who shoot ceremonies for Tide the Knot Beach Weddings only. All wedding packages include one hour of photography and access to your personal online photo gallery (with copyright release) to instantly view, download and share your photos. Gallery will be available to you approximately 4 weeks after your event. Raw images will not be provided. A photo USB may be requested for a $100 fee +7% sales tax (great gift idea!).

Can we hire a Tide the Knot photographer for additional time?

Sure can! You can add extended time on the beach during your wedding (1/2 hour or 1 hour session), Getting Ready sessions, Engagements and time at your Reception. Upon booking with us, let us know your interest in any of these special sessions and we'll customize a photography package for you. Refer to our Photography page for more details.

What is the copyright release?

Per US copyright law, your wedding photographer owns the copyright to your images. We provide you with the copyright release, which allows you unlimited personal use and reproduction of your pictures. You can put them on a website, Facebook, email them to friends and family and print them in the sizes that matter most to you.

Can we provide our own photographer?

Yes you can. We'll remove our photographer and provide a $150 discount provided you give us minimum 90 days notice.

Can we double dip in photographers?

Strongly suggest that you do not attempt to use our included photographer PLUS bring your own. You'll have a hot mess with 2 strangers competing for the same shots as well as different styles of shooting and editing. Just choose one for your best experience. If you choose yours, give us minimum 90 days notice, and we'll provide a $150 discount. With less than 90 days notice, discounts are not available. Should your photographer suddenly appear at the beach without notice, we reserve the right to dismiss our photographer, without a price reduction. Trust us on this one!

Are guests permitted to take photos during our event?

Permitted, yes. Encouraged, no. We suggest an Unplugged Event, and we even have signs you can add to your ceremony to advise guests to keep all phones & cameras in hibernation mode. Guests tend to be greedy when it comes to taking photos at a wedding, and while their intentions are good, it causes distractions, delays and interference in your photography. You'll be able to share your wedding photo gallery with family & guests, so encourage them to be present at your wedding.

Can we hire a videographer?

Yes you can! You can hire your own or use our videographer. Call us for availability and pricing. Most popular video option is a highlight reel, prices starting at $650.

Can we bring our own decorations for the beach?

No. Tide the Knot Beach Weddings will provide all the decorations to make your special day a breeze. You may bring guest favors.

Do I really need chairs for my guests? It's only 15 minutes....

If you want unobstructed photography on your big day, yes you do. Picture you and your partner standing, and your guests are all standing, oh and then there's your photographer, also standing. Hmm. You do the math.

Are rehearsals included?

No. Not needed. Beach weddings are simple.

How much trouble will I be in if I am late to my own wedding?

Surely not the way you want to start this chapter in your lives! Should you or your guests be late to your event, causing a delayed start, you may have your event shortened at the discretion of Tide the Knot Beach Weddings. Repercussions are less photography, less photos & the evening lighting may impact quality of photos. We will remain on the beach for the time we were originally scheduled with you, and must adhere to our scheduled departure time in order to satisfy all contracted clients.

How do we get our Marriage License?

In Florida-Both of you must apply in person, together at the Clerk of the Court. Both must have a valid (not expired) State issued photo ID (Driver’s license). Non Florida residents do NOT have a waiting period, and you will receive the marriage license the same day. Fl residents have a 3 day wait.  The fee is less than $100. For the detailed process, please refer to our Marriage License page. Should your travel plans prohibit you from arriving in Florida with time to get to the Clerk of Court's office, you can secure the services of Florida Marriage License Express and handle your marriage license needs quickly via guaranteed Fed Ex services.

Who files the license after the ceremony?

Our officiant signs it, and we mail the license to the appropriate County Clerk of the Court. The Clerk's office will then mail the couple the certified copy. We can also sign the marriage certificate immediately after the ceremony and give to you, should you wish to file it yourself.

What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

Beach wedding companies don't own venues, therefore we don't have indoor space for you to use as a back up plan. It is the responsibility of the couple, if desired,  to have a back-up location or large tent rental in case of rain. Rarely does it rain long enough to force a change in plans.  If we are concerned, we'll stay in touch with you the day before and day of your wedding so we can formulate a plan. Rest assured, we are going to marry you, even if we all get wet! We get wet about 5% of the time. If this freaks you out,  get married indoors. We want your business but we want you to be happy, no matter what adventurous conditions we encounter!

Some suggestions to keep in mind for your rain plan:

  • Rent a tent, either 10' x 10" for elopements or 20' x 20" for weddings with decor & guests. Consider it an insurance policy. Tents cost approx $350-$700.
  • Have your wedding on Sunset Beach, on the southern tip of Treasure Island. You can rent the Sunset Beach Pavilion for up to six hours, for approx $300 and this can double as a covered option for your wedding and an outdoor reception area.
  • Most hotels/condos do NOT have an outside shelter that they will allow you to use, and they typically reserve their indoor spaces for the receptions booked through their hotel staff. Ask to be sure of your hotel's policy.
  • If you are having a reception, the ceremony could be moved to the reception site, but again, ask in advance for approval. Most of our decor will not be permitted indoors, but staff will be.
  • Parties with only a few guests and flexible travel schedules can be “postponed” till the next day or another day of choice, subject to our availability.
  • Rain chances are minimized and sometimes non-existent in the cooler months like November, December, January, February and March, so consider this when booking!

Can we postpone or change our date ?

Postponement will be considered, with written notice at least 90 days prior to originally scheduled ceremony date.The new ceremony date must be agreed upon between client and Tide the Knot Beach Weddings. Postponements are permitted for up to three (3) months from original ceremony date, in which the deposit may be applied to the rescheduled date. Beyond this three (3) month extension period, a new service agreement and deposit payment will be required, as the previous agreement will be cancelled and original deposit is non-refunded. Approved postponements will be assessed a $100 admin fee plus 50% of your remaining account balance, payable immediately. Want to get married sooner? We'll check the calendar, and provided we are available, we'll accommodate the request. A $100 admin fee will be assessed and payable immediately.

Can we change our location or ceremony time ?

Possibly and sometimes, pending our availability, with written notice at least ninety (90) days prior to originally scheduled ceremony date. The more notice given, the better chance we can accommodate, though Saturdays are typically not able to be altered due to other events to consider. Upon approval your account will be assessed a $100 admin fee, payable immediately. In some cases, beach permits are not transferable or refundable, so changing beach locations may cost you a second permit fee.

Can we change our package or components after initial reservation?

Clients requesting changes to the reserved package must be provided in writing at least ninety (90) days prior to scheduled event for consideration. Requested changes will be approved/denied based on ability to accommodate. You will get to add components to your package up to 60 days before your event, via a Wedding Checklist submission.
  • Requests to remove Mini Celebrations (Cake & Drink Bar) with less than ninety (90) days’ written notice will be honored, however there will not be a reduction in price and/or deposits will not be refunded.
  • Removal of live musician, photographer or incremental photography sessions, videographer, officiant (included or upgraded) with less than ninety (90) days’ written notice will be honored, however there will not be a reduction in price and/or deposits will not be refunded.
  • Requests to downgrade the reserved package are not permitted.
  • Requests to upgrade the package are allowed and will be assessed an additional payment of $500, payable immediately, applied to your overall adjusted balance.

What happens if we have to cancel?

Well that will be sad for all of us! Forfeiture of ALL deposits & permits if the event is cancelled. Deposits include, but are not limited to: Permits, Popular Package and components deposit, Design your Own Ceremony and components deposit, Live Musician deposit, incremental Photography deposit, Videography deposit & Mini Celebrations on the Beach deposit - inclusive of Cake and Drink Bar.
  • Balance payments made on account will be considered for refund provided written cancellation notice is received forty-five (45) days prior to scheduled event, subject to the following fees:
    • Forfeiture of labor/flower costs incurred (floral orders, wages for staff investment of time assisting clients with event planning, in person consultation fees, etc.)
    • 7% fee on total client payments processed to pay Pinellas County sales tax
    • 3.5% fee on total client payments processed to pay merchant services credit card fees
  • Cancellation with less than forty-five (45) days’ written notice will not be eligible for a refund, inclusive of deposits and payments made on account.
  • Applicable refunds will be in the form of a check.

Do you coordinate and host receptions?

We are happy to provide a proposal to do your reception photography. However, we do not coordinate other aspects of the reception such as catering, linens, tables, DJ. We are a beach wedding company, providing the officiant, photographer and decorations for your beach ceremony. We can refer you to local area restaurants, hotels, reception venues, caterers and florists if you want to coordinate your own reception, and we are happy to provide that information once you have reserved a beach wedding with our team.

Can we bring our own vendors to the wedding on the beach?

Yes in some cases, no in others. Notification should be given to us if you hire 3rd party vendors for your ceremony (not reception), such as videographers, musicians, photographers, officiants, caterers, cake suppliers, food trucks, etc. Without advance notification, the element of surprise may lead to complications and/or delays at your wedding, as some vendors require special instructions and/or permits. When in doubt, give us a shout!

Do we need to meet in person before the ceremony?

Typically we never meet until 30 minutes before the wedding, as many of our couples live out of state or abroad. However, for those of you lucky enough to live in Florida or happen to be on vacation, we encourage you to meet with us in our Design Studio.  A beach wedding is intended to be a simple process, so we can typically get all the details worked out via email and phone calls.  We call all couples 10-14 days before the ceremony for a quick review of the details, including meeting spot and time, so we are only every a phone call away!

Do any of your packages include hotel & meals?

Nope! That would be awfully generous of us, though, wouldn't it? Upon booking your wedding with us, we do email you a list of preferred vendors to assist in search for lodging, dining, hair & make up stylists, etc. We read all 41 of the FAQ's on this page. Now what? You must be very interested in our services, so thank you! Now call (727-490-8005) or email us so we can assist. We'll help you come up with the Big 4: Date, Time, Beach & Wedding Package. Once we help you lock those elements down, then you'll be ready to reserve. Cheers! Planning a Florida Beach Wedding, a Florida Beach Same Sex Ceremony, a Florida Beach Vow Renewal or an Elopement to Florida?  Tide the Knot Beach Weddings specializes in eclectic, elegant, romantic and unique beach weddings along Florida's West Coast beaches. St Pete Beach Weddings, Sunset Beach Weddings, weddings on Clearwater Beach, upscale Pass-A-Grille Beach weddings, Gay Beach Weddings, Renew Vows on Florida Beaches, romantic Siesta Key Beach Weddings. Call Tide the Knot Beach Weddings today, and let us help you Tie the Knot on one of Florida’s beautiful west coast beaches.

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