Beach Wedding Photography

Photography tends to be one of the more important aspects of a wedding, yet at the same time, there’s a mystery for many couples in understanding their needs. You know you need photography, of course, but what else should you be digging into?

We want your wedding planning to be enjoyable, so give this page a full read for our suggested photography considerations. In about 15 minutes, you’ll feel informed about picking the photography time and sessions important to you, as well as the photographer selection – whether it will be a contracted TTK photographer or a BYOP (Bring Your Own Photographer).

To get started, let’s cover the TTK Photography Options :

All of our Popular Packages include up to 1 hour of photography

This session ranges 45-60 minutes, depending upon sunset times, if applicable. Available on the beach only, begins with the start of your ceremony, followed typically by group photos then a wrap up with couples’ portraits. This timeline varies based on your group size or photo requests, but should give a good example of the flow of events. Photography is included, but also removable!

Our Design Your Own Ceremony options do not automatically include photography

This is the A La Carte side of our business, which allows couples to build packages from scratch, and add a photographer if desired. For those wanting to BYOP, this is a great route to choose. Again, Photography is not included, but easily added!

Let’s talk about TTK Photography Add-On options now!

Add Extra 1/2 Hour of Photos Before the ceremony - $200
  • Perfect for couples wanting a 1st Look Session on the beach to capture the shared, tender moment of seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day. Very helpful for couples with lots of nerves or anxiety, plus you’ll enjoy some private moments together before the start of the ceremony with photos to cherish. 
  • Also recommended for those wanting to capture Pre-Wedding Moments – like the beach ceremony décor before guests are seated, candid photos of guests mingling and arrivals of Wedding Party (if applicable) and the couple.
    • Fine Print: Your 1st Look would begin 30 minutes before your ceremony start time, a portion of this time is used for the 1st Look, as well as a few additional couple’s photos. We’d move into organizing your party from there, capturing candids of those pre-wedding moments until the start of your ceremony.

Add Extra 1/2 Hour of Photos After the ceremony - $200
  • A must have session for groups with a Wedding Party and/or those with 35 or more guests. Larger groups typically require more than the included photography time.
  • Have a more extensive photo wish list? Want more time for newlywed pics? Not all of us get professional family photos taken often, so add this session for incremental photos of parents, siblings and VIP’s, then share as gifts after your ceremony.
  • Sometimes humans run late, even on your wedding day! Fact – 15% of our couple’s fall into this category, despite all of the coaching we provide. The extra 1/2 Hour of photography adds some buffer time in the event of weather delays or tardy guests. If your ceremony does run late because of weather or tardiness, we cannot recoup the lost time, but at least you’ll have the buffer to not miss all of your photography time.
  • The extra photo time on the beach is also a great way to explore the surrounding beach area and add some diversity to your photo gallery!

Add Extra 1 Hour of photos on the beach - $400
  • Want it All?  The ultimate photo gallery includes the 1st Look, ceremony décor, extra time with friends and family plus diversity in the natural beauty of our beaches! Book this full hour session and split it 1/2 Hour before and 1/2 Hour after your ceremony!
  • Groups with 50+ need this much time to capture the lengthy shot lists
  • For those bringing their own officiant -be mindful that many couples have friends or pastors officiate their ceremony, often resulting in ceremonies taking 25-30 minutes. Not a bad thing, but cuts into your photo time, so having a bonus hour is appreciated!
  • Weather can often impact photography time. Many rain back up venues cost at least $650 or more to reserve. If you know you won’t be reserving a backup location, having 2 Hours of photography gives us more flexibility to wait out passing storms without losing your full photography time.
    • Fine Print: We may not use the full 2 hours of photography with this session, but you’ve now reserved a 2 hour time block in place of 1 hour. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll get out to the beach if weather does not cooperate, but it does provide more wiggle room, the next best thing to a rain back up plan! This 2 hour session is our most popular add-on option!

Tips for selecting the right amount of time with TTK’s photographer

Make a dedicated photo list!
The more specific you are on this list, the less you will worry about it on your wedding day. We want you to relax and be in the moment, let us worry about photo organization! Think large groups down to small groups, making the most use of our time by organizing the list from big to small and reusing as many groupings as possible for efficiency. Our planner can assist with this, but only you know who you actually want photos with at your wedding.
  • Now look at this photo list you’ve created. If your list is growing, with 15 + different groupings for family and friends, then you’ll want to add more time. 
  •  Think about a pie cut into three pieces: your ceremony, your group photos and couples’ photos. If your group photos or ceremony take too long, the two of you are left with the smallest piece of the pie – not what you want on your wedding day! If you’re unsure whether or not we will be able to capture all of your photo needs within an hour, ask for our recommendations.

Think about the variety you would like in your shots
A lot of our beaches have wonderful green spaces, rock jetties, boardwalks and beautiful dunes. In order to capture photos in these different settings, you’ll need that extra time to explore the various photo locations on the beach. The ocean backdrop is nice, but our beaches have more than just the water to offer!

Allow for some wiggle room
You may think your photo wish list is complete, but there will almost always be certain shots that you come up with in the moment on the beach, and that’s okay! We want to capture everything you want, on the list or not. This wiggle room also applies to the tardy guests or weather delays we mentioned earlier.
  • Fine Print: You have a contracted block of time with the photographer with a firm start and stop time. If you add too many photos on the beach that you didn’t anticipate, run late to your own wedding or have weather delays, you may lose time from your other planned photography needs.

Some couples have photography wishes not covered by TTK offering. Read more to see if you fall into the BYOP category – Bring Your Own Photographer.

I want Full Day Photography, Getting Ready or Reception photos
  • We currently offer on the beach photography only, so we recommend that those looking for more photo time hire their own photographer. This allows customization of your timeline to include additional sessions and locations.

I know I’ll want the Option for Advanced Editing or Photoshop Requests
  • Want that tattoo removed in all of your wedding photos? Thinking we can photoshop the crowds off the beach? Want blue skies in your photos even if it’s cloudy or raining at your wedding? Our photography packages do not include advanced editing options. Hiring your own photographer allows you more freedom for custom editing.

I have a specific Photography Style in mind for my wedding photos
  • This one’s important! We have a team of talented photographers, all of whom have variations in their style, and are contracted by us based on their availability. This means you can’t choose your TTK photographer, as we can’t guarantee availability. If a certain photography style is of the utmost importance for you, hiring your own photographer gives you more say in the style your wedding is shot and delivered in.

I need to know my Photographers’ Name in advance!
  • We understand that sentiment! It’s important for some couples to get to know their wedding photographer and see examples of their work in advance. We reserve our photographers based on their availability and not your preference, which means we can’t guarantee a requested TTK photographer. We recommend you hire your own photographer so you can preview work and guarantee the chosen photographer is reserved for your wedding day!

If you Agree with  even just one of these statements, do the right thing for YOU and BYOP – Bring Your Own Photographer! We want you to love your photos and cherish them for a lifetime, whether we provide your photographer or not!

So I want to hire my own photographer after reading this… Now what?

  • Source Your Own Photographer. There’s a few ways to do this. You might know someone in your area that you’d like to bring to FL for your beach wedding or you can hire a photographer in the area where you’re planning to get married. For local photographers, check out our list below.