Champagne Assist

A champagne toast on the beach at your wedding sounds delightful! I want this! So…..technically, alcohol is not permitted on our beaches and we cannot sell you champagne. But if you really want it, we can ASSIST you with the romantic notion, provided you follow our guidelines. We’ll provide the Champagne Assist package, essentially the shell of the idea, and then all you have to do is supply the champagne. Included in this option – large wooden table with a runner, disposable cups, tin with ice to chill your bottles, nearby trash can as well as our personal assistance in pouring and distributing the champagne. We ask that you limit the bottles to a reasonable number to avoid unnecessary attention. We can guide you on this calculation! 

Best Value – select the Bundle option to pair the Champagne Assist with our Citrus Water station and save money! Double the drinks, double the fun!