Siesta Key & Lido Key

Beautiful beach, biggest price tag. Siesta Key & Lido Key both require a Travel Fee ($200) + Permit Fee ($425 on Siesta Key OR $225 on Lido Key)=$625 location fee for Siesta Key OR $425 location fee for Lido Key. (Siesta Key raised permit prices significantly in June 2023 to deter the number of weddings that take place on this busy beach).  Weddings take place at public beach access at 948 Beach Road, with 3 zones available for weddings, all right next to one another at the northern end of the beach/parking lot. Typically we like to purchase permits 6 + months before your wedding, so we’ll reach out to you at that time to collect your payment before securing the permit. You can choose the zone or allow us to, pending park availability.

Travel fees cover a 3-hour round-trip drive split between multiple staff members. The permit fee is for 3 hours, including 1 hour for your wedding + 2 hours for us to set up/remove your wedding decor.