Florida Same Sex Weddings

Despite that same sex weddings are legal, we still get calls from gay couples asking if we perform same sex ceremonies. Really? Moons ago, when gay marriage was legal in only a few US states, we performed commitment ceremonies-weddings without the license. Why? Because 100% of our staff believes everyone has the right to experience a wedding. On 1/06/15 Florida became the 37th state to legalize gay marriage. Soon afterwards the US Supreme Court ruled same sex marriage legal in all of the United States. A victory for equality! Say good-bye to commitment ceremonies and hello to same sex weddings!

Elope for your Same Sex Wedding

So the law changed, not everyone’s support changed.  Many states are still full of discrimination and inequality. You can get married in your own state, but you may not feel comfortable with how you will be treated. That’s a darn shame. While you wait for attitudes to change and acceptance to prevail, let us host your beach wedding. We eagerly married nearly 50 same sex couples in 2015, so you don’t have to ask us if we perform same sex ceremonies. We supported equality long before the ruling. One phone call and you’ll hear the acceptance in our voices.

We are grateful that marriage is now a universal right for everyone in the US, as we fought hard the past few years to see Florida and all other states stand up for equal rights. Some of our staff members are gay, and some are straight, providing you with a diverse and passionate team that takes pride in making your Florida Same Sex Beach Wedding elegant and memorable.


Same Sex Weddings


Relive the best moments of your ceremony! Our creative and professional staff will capture all the movement, details and emotion from your day.  Highlight Reels contain 2-5 minutes of full HD video that is hand crafted to help tell your story best. Prices start at $650.00. Please call  for more details and to confirm availability.

Same Sex Weddings

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We are long standing members and financial contributors to Equality Florida, an organization aimed at achieving equal rights for LGBT communities in marriage, employment and housing.

Published in July 2015 and December 2015, Tide the Knot Beach Weddings was featured in Pride & Groom, a new and lovingly crafted wedding publication aimed specifically at the LGBT community.

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