Sand Key in Clearwater, FL

Sand Key Park is a sliver of sanity amid the madness of overzealous development in Clearwater. Located just minutes south of Clearwater Beach, Sand Key Park is popular with day trippers, surfers and skim boarders. While you can see the array of Clearwater Beach hotels across the channel, you hear nothing but the sound of the water coming ashore. Sandy beaches with acres of trees in the background, giving you the combination of the beach and park setting all in one. The sands are nothing like the white powdery sands of other beaches, more grainy and park-like so keep this in mind when making your decision.

Note-beach wedding location fees: $350 <50 guests, $425  51-75 guests, and $500 76-100 guests.

Sand Key has 8 boardwalks/zones to choose from for your beach wedding. If you are looking to stay nearby and walk to your wedding, stay at the Sheraton on Sand Key and let us host your wedding at boardwalk 8. Super long walk out to the water, yet less crowded than Clearwater Beach.