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Two Brides or Two Grooms

Love is love no matter who you love and who you are.  As of January 6th 2015, Florida became the 36th state is the U.S to legalize same sex weddings and recognize love in all circumstances.  Followed by the Supreme Court’s decision to rule same sex weddings as legal across the United States.  Tide the Knot Beach Weddings was ahead of the curve by offering commitment ceremonies in years past because, as a company, we strongly believed in the equality of love.  With this true victory we can say good-bye to commitments and hello to weddings!  Tide the Knot Beach Weddings was proud to host over 50 same sex beach weddings in 2015Gay Wedding, Same Sex Wedding, or just a Wedding – Whatever you call it, we will be happy to do it.  We have both straight and gay staff members, so our team is full of the diversity, talent, and passion that our clients need to create a memorable event.  We are grateful that marriage is now a universal right for everyone in the US, as we fought hard the past few years to see Florida and all other states stand up for equal rights.

So you and your partner have fallen in love and now you want to commit to one another a lifetime of love and happiness. Your best choice? Declare your love today and head to the warmest spot in the country. Pay tribute to your relationship with a romantic Florida Beach Same Sex Wedding.  You can choose to elope just the two of you, or plan an elegant upscale beachside affair with your closest friends and family.

Tide the Knot Beach Weddings specializes in Florida beach weddings and ceremonies on the Gulf Coast.  With years of experience we offer a complete package to simplify your planning while executing at the utmost level of quality and style.  Our wedding planners, photographers, and officiants are experienced working with both gay and straight couples.  We pride ourselves in treating each client to a unique experience.  Contact us today to discuss your upcoming Same Sex Wedding.


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We are long standing members and financial contributors to Equality Florida, an organization aimed at achieving equal rights for LGBT communities in marriage, employment and housing.

Published in July 2015 and December 2015, Tide the Knot Beach Weddings was featured in Pride & Groom, a new and lovingly crafted wedding publication aimed specifically at the LGBT community.