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5 things You Might Not Know About a Florida Beach Elopement

So, you’re thinking of tying the knot, but the thought of going with the typical big white wedding is not appealing? We hear you.

Each year, more and more couples are choosing a Florida beach elopement, and it’s becoming clearer why this amazing option is growing in popularity.

Now, you probably know that years ago the word elopement conjured up a secretive, rebellious feel. However, these days it simply means a wedding that’s far more intimate and all about the couple, rather than the frills that go with a more traditional wedding.

But if you think that you know everything about a Florida beach elopement, think again. Tide the Knot has 5 fun facts that you just might not know…

  1. It’s more intimate

Think about all of the weddings you’ve attended over the years or seen on TV, and they start to blend into one. When a couple focuses on just themselves, an elopement can be simple and romantic, which we think makes it intimate, special, and different.

Couples who focus on an intimate elopement don’t worry about excluding those family and friends who aren’t attending – many throw a party at a later date to include others.

  1. It’s more affordable

Big weddings = big expense. Couples often spend huge amounts on the tradition of a big wedding while struggling to cope financially and putting themselves under pressure.

Choosing an elopement can mean more money for a honeymoon, and for starting the rest of your lives together.

  1. It’s less stressful

Planning a traditional big white wedding can be stressful, and often overwhelming. The details, the arrangements, the appointments, and the trimmings can take their toll. There’s nothing like family drama, seating arrangements, and upset feelings to dampen the romance.

Sometimes, when it comes to friends and family, less is more. Elopements with only your nearest and dearest are far simpler. Just get ready and show up!

  1. It’s beautiful

If you’re going to elope, we can’t think of a more beautiful location than Florida – particularly the St. Pete Beach, Clearwater Beach, Sarasota, and Tampa Bay area.

Why? Sunsets, powder white sand, tropical flowers, and crystal water.

What a stunning backdrop!

  1. It’s spontaneous

We love to see the excitement of just the happy couple plus some carefully selected guests having the time of their lives. Elopements can be more spontaneous and can mean no long lead-in times and dragged-out engagements.

Elopements are on the rise

Did you know that the average traditional wedding in the US costs a whopping $30,000, including the ceremony and reception? That’s enough to fund some serious travel or education, buy a new car, or go towards rent or a downpayment on a house!

It will come as no surprise that elopements are on the up.

In fact, (according to Sims, 2019) 91% of millennials who intend to get married in the future said that they would consider eloping. Three out of five millennial couples who were already married reported that given the opportunity for a do-over, they would elope. Those clever millennials, right?

Say I do to a Florida beach elopement

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