How to Choose Your Ceremony Start Time

You’ve done the hard part and picked your date, package, and wedding location. Next is figuring out what time of day you want to have your ceremony. Florida is very warm year-round and high temperatures are not for everyone.

To avoid the heat (and crowds), consider a late morning (10/11 am) or sunset ceremony (1 hour before sunset). Can’t schedule your ceremony at one of these times? Go ahead and have it in the afternoon, but consider adding a refreshment station for your guests to ensure they stay cool.

Perks of a late morning ceremony. Ever wonder how we get those blue, green waters to pop in photos? No, that’s not additional editing, that’s how the water really looks most days! Consider a late-morning wedding for those bright colors! With the sun overhead, your guest won’t be looking into the sun to watch your vows. Morning ceremonies also give you the entire rest of the day to celebrate with your friends and family. This is such a great option if everyone is traveling from out of town.



Perks of a sunset ceremony. Sunsets are by far the most popular time of day for beach weddings on the Gulf. How can it not be with the amazing colors that light up the sky! The sun will be a little bright reflecting off of the water during your ceremony, so consider fun guest favors like personalized sunglasses! Sunset ceremonies start an hour before sunset and end with you and your love watching the sun dip past the horizon line as the sky lights up. It’s incredibly romantic and can make for some absolutely stunning photos.