10 Florida Beach Wedding Tips

When is the best time to have a Florida Beach Wedding? 

Florida is the sunshine state, so everyday is the perfect wedding day. Well, except for weekends and holidays-think about it, when you’re off work and so is everyone else, our beaches fill up with tourists, which doesn’t make for a quiet, romantic wedding setting. Friday and Saturday sunset ceremonies are usually the first to fill up, often a year in advance. To avoid the crowds and hottest temperatures, consider mornings and evenings during the weekdays. Looking for cooler months of the year? Florida is typically boasting average temperatures in the low to mid 70’s during November- February. Pair these months with a weekday and you’ll have the perfect wedding day.


How do we choose a location? 

The location is entirely up to you, though we will help guide you on the best possible choice for your specific wedding. Some of our favorite locations include Pass-A-Grille Beach, the southern tip of St. Pete Beach, and Sunset Beach in Treasure Island. We can go to most beaches, County/ State Parks, some hotels (with hotel approval), condos and house rentals (with owner approval + adequate parking) along the west coast of Florida. To see a full list of our beach locations take a look here.  


What should we wear?

Consider lightweight, easy to move in and breathable clothing. The beach can get very warm and you will want to stay cool and comfortable. Guests are encouraged to do the same.  Dressy-casual is a great option!


How should I wear my hair?

Think of the elements when deciding on a hairstyle. The beach can be very windy! Up-dos, loose buns and braids are a great option if you are particular about your hair staying in place.  If you love feeling your hair in the breeze, wear it down and we will work with, not against the wind, as much as possible.



Shoes or no shoes?

Ditch the shoes and go barefoot. If shoes are a must try a dressy wedge or flats so you do not sink into the sand. A fun alternative for women- barefoot sandals adorned in beads.  Perfect for a beach wedding!


To tan or not to tan…

Avoid tan lines or spray tans as much as possible leading up to the big day. Photographs can really enhance the orangeness from a spray tan and tan lines are more prominent in your images. Avoid both as much as possible.   Before you ask – No, our photographers don’t photoshop!


Extended Beach Time Photography:

We are with you for a full hour on the beach with all package options, though adding a 1/2 hour of photos to your wedding will allow ample time for more family and couple’s photography.  We highly encourage groups of 25+ or couples that really enjoy photography to add the 1/2 hour session to ensure we capture all of your wishes.

Preparing for the warm temps:

Prepare your guests for the heat and add a refreshment station to your package to ensure they stay cool. Want to provide wedding favors?  Bring your own personalized sunglasses or fans, which double as a multi-functional wedding favor!


When in doubt, add some live music!

Our local musicians set the mood for your wedding with music while your guests arrive, for the processional & recessional, and afterwards during fun photography! Live musicians are the hit of the party and music encourages your guests to dance and mingle while on the sand.  Choose from our acoustic guitarist, steel drummer, saxophone player, or violinist!


The most important tip

HAVE FUN! This is your day to celebrate marrying your best friend, enjoy every moment!