Engagement Session

We get it, you are already engaged and you'll only be in Florida for a few days for your beach wedding, so why are Engagement photos an option? Many couples get engaged but don't find the time for engagement photos-true story! So what better time and place than while you are here and you have nothing but time on your hands! Our suggestion is to book this at the time of your wedding reservation so that we can schedule the same photographer to do your engagement and wedding session. We'll take you to a park or city backdrop a few days before the wedding for some alternative engagement photos. Great warm up session with the photographer before the big day!  Suggest 1.5 hours, but for the adventurous couple, add 2 hours for diversity in your backgrounds and take in some of our trendier spots. Engagement & Wedding images are provided in an online gallery with the copyright up to 4 weeks after your ceremony.